Ramin k Gozar
143 James Cummings Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8C9
Telephone: 343-202-7100
Email: Ramin.Gozar@gmail.com​​​​​​​

A (Portfolio, Program, Project) Manager with over 12 years of experience in directing, managing (IT/Non-IT) projects, and resources in fast-paced, multi-channel environments. Strong background in IT Strategic Planning, Business Transformation, Risk Management (NIST), and Financial Management. As a skillful communicator, quickly understand organizational vision and challenges and work with people to translate these challenges into achievable strategies, plans, objectives, and goals. Holds Secret Level ll until Sep 2025.

Management of concurrent projects of Information Technology Network Infrastructure and Real Property valued over $50M (National, International ).
·      Development of the SLAs, including but not limited to software customization, training program, software licensing agreement, and ongoing maintenance
·      Development and application of standards, guidelines, and related tools to improve the cybersecurity of connected devices and the environments in which they are developed by collaborating with stakeholders. Across government departments, and private industries (NIST).
·      Managed cross-functional relationships for project assignments and provides specialist business transformation, change coaching and mentoring in the organization.
·      Developed the process definition, definition of roles and responsibilities and development of procedures, which included the provision of consulting, support and expertise to project team members and identified stakeholders tasked with the implementation of Incident and Problem Management, to incorporate best practices and standards.
·      Prepared for and facilitated stakeholder design workshops, performed requirements gathering activities and documented decisions prepared an organizational (stakeholder) readiness assessments and training need analysis for implementation and oversaw stakeholder transformation activities.
·      Involved in developing and monitoring activities related to documentation, financial status, a mandatory requirement, and total quality management, risk, and mitigation strategies to meet audit requirements.
·      Provided advice and guidance in the development of an integrated process improvement effort encompassing incidents, problems, and change configuration management.
·      Credit risk assessment. Moreover, PCRA Project Complexity of Risk Assessment.

Senior  Project Manager                                                                                                                    November 2019-Present
Corporate Services Branch (CSB)
Department of Justice
Portfolio of 3 project with  estimated  value of $35 M Plus
1)       East Memorial Building Access Control ( Turnstiles ) Ottawa
2)       Deparment of Justice Program- Specific  Request for Specail Purpose Space & additional Support Space
3)       Edmonton Lease renewal / Relocation to a new commecial site  Edmonton- Alberta
4)       Creation of PMO’s Governance Structure and PMO templates  for National Acommodations Department across  Canada reporting to Director General / Deputy CFO of Justice Department
Responsible for delivering a suite of services including management focus, leadership, functional guidance and advice on a wide range of functional areas as well as creative and innovative approaches to provide high quality services to the Management Sector and Justice .
Interfaced with  primarily with the National Accommodations Division; the Safety, Security and Emergency Management Division
Responsible for the delivery of office accommodation and workplace fit-up projects at Justice offices across Canada
Reported to Director General, Corporate Service Branch,Departmental Security Officer (DSO).
IM/IT infrastructure and Governance
Supported long and medium term accommodations project planning;
Active participation in the design and rollout of the information technology equipment’s such as WIFI, Commercial WIFI GNAC, Audio Visual components, VOIP, Centrex, Lan/ WAN cabling
Assisted stakeholders in the precision of project objectives for accommodations and security projects;
Prepared   project gating documents in support of departmental project management governance;
Assisted and supported  JUS in its engagement with common services providers (PSPC and Shared Services Canada) and central agencies (Treasury Board Secretariat);
Offered Administrative and professional services to support meetings, conferences, training and project teams on working groups;
Advised  on financial and contract management;
Support and secretariat services to Governance Committees and Working Groups
Coordinated  & collaborated  between groups within JUS and across departments within the Government of Canada
Prepared the gating documents ( Gate 1-4) for all the projects, and presented the documents to PPRB for approval under the direction / supervision of the Deputy CFO of the Justice department.
Agriculture- Agri-food Canada                                                                                                           June 2019-October 2019
Senior peojwxt Manager
Estimated value of the projects  $.2 M
Project  1
Living Labs Initiative ( Cloud based application )
Data Analytics and Retrieval Tool (DART)
The  objective of this project is to create a dedicated IM/IT infrastructure and related computing environment to allow the establishment of data discovery and analytics tools (Data Analytics and Retrieval Tool (DART)) for newly established Living Labs sites.
Allows Living Lab sites to be interoperable;
Allows access by implicated AAFC scientific and professional staff, federal, provincial and territorial partners, industry, academia and indigenous stakeholders to collect, discover, exchange and share data;
Enables LLI assigned resources to perform analysis on the collected data (for this initial project, this includes using ArcGIS Online, as well as Aquarius Time-Series); and
Allows for future integration of other analytical tools, including those for big data.
This initial project includes the following DART components:
Metadata Repository
Analytics Tools
Data Repositories
Prepared for and facilitated stakeholder design workshops, performed requirements gathering activities and documented decisions prepared an organizational (stakeholder) readiness assessments and training need analysis for implementation and oversaw stakeholder transformation activities.
Created the business case
Developed  PCRA Project Complexity of Risk Assessment and SOS
Reporting progress of the project on an ongoing basis and at scheduled points in the life cycle at the Directorate level.
Project 2
The Holos model is AAFC Science and Technology (S&T) branch's standalone desktop software that allows Canadian agricultural producers to test the effect of management decisions on the whole-farm greenhouse gas emissions budget. The model has been in development since the year of 2000 and multiple versions (1, 2, and 3) have been released. The model and its algorithm document are freely available to the public, partially through the model`s own government webpage (www.agr.gc.ca/holos-ghg).
Meeting with the stakholder to gather and verify the project requirement
Prepared the Gate 2  documents (Business analysis,
Developed  PCRA Project Complexity of Risk Assessment and SOS
Reporting progress of the project on an ongoing basis and at scheduled points in the life cycle at the Directorate level.
Project Lead / Project manager- Portfolio of 5 IT Projects including Real Property              January 2019- May 2019
Workplace renewal initiative | Digital Services Branch (DSB)
Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC)
Estimated Value of the Portfolio $.2 M
ETIS (Enterprise Technology and Innovation Sector) / MP (Major Projects) provides Digital Services Branch (DSB) leadership and oversight in the areas of strategic planning, service delivery, service delivery frameworks, processes and reporting mechanisms as they relate to the Workplace Renewal Initiative program of work and specifically for the following point of interest:
 Management and delivery of IM/IT services;
 Partnerships - between the DSB and partner branches;
 Act as the single point of contact for 1M/IT planning, service delivery and management of related issues;
 Service Management; IT Project Management; and   Partner engagement.
Revising, review, and redraft of the commercial agreements, and engagements
Preparation and forecast of the budget.
Active participation in the design and rollout of the information technology equipment’s such as WIFI, Commercial WIFI GNAC, Audio Visual components, VOIP, Centrex, Lan/ WAN cabling
Advising on the development of standards, policies, directives and procedures;
Review of Architectural designs, and recommendations regarding the appropriate technologies which will suit the designs based on the PSPC fit-up standards;
Authoring, editing and ensuring quality assurance of documentation;
Reporting progress of the project on an ongoing basis and at scheduled points in the life cycle;
Performing transfer of knowledge, through written and verbal methods;
Perform ongoing risk assessment and analysis;
Providing training and guidance to team members; and   Completing compliance audits.
End to End IT  Solution Delivery Management
IT schedule, i.e. developing implementation schedules
Elicit and document IT/AV Client Requirements, i.e. developing Statements of Requirements and Technical Specifications for the AV equipment, cellular services, internet services and network connections
Creation and proposals of Desktop design/ solution; IT Service line Design brief i.e. attending project meetings, site inspections, etc
Completion of SSC LIAS (Local Internet Access Services); Creation and review  of RFP; Vendor Management (Liaison with internal & external vendors)
IT/ AV Procurement, i.e. procurement of equipment and services through standing offer or another instrument
Management of IT equipment installation
IT Verification, Validation & Acceptance
AV Verification, Validation & Acceptance i.e. inspection and recommendations for acceptance of equipment and services
Transition Support to Operation (i.e. move, service desk, training)
Coordination of third party support and maintenance package; Coordination of  IT site decomposition
Continuing support during the transition; Debrief with Client & obtain Client sign off; Advisory Services
Senior Project Manager/ Solution Delivery Management/ Technical Advisor                       July 2018- December 2018                       
Shared Services Ca- Service Delivery & Management Branch- Science Portfolio
Concurrent Service Delivery Management for all Departments of Fisheries across Canada
Software used: Dynamic CRM, AEM forms, MS office suites, MS Project 2016, GCDOCS, BITS
Service Delivery and Management Branch is responsible for running day-to-day operational service management activities as performed by the Service Management Operations Directorate. The purpose of this project to deliver a variety of IT and real property services to different DFO department offices across Canada including but not limited to; Demand management, Activity sequencing scheduling and cost recovery, Capacity management and allocation, Services utilization, and availability monitoring, Partner-SSC technical alignment and convergence, Service level management, Solution  definition and design, Build oversight and integration, Management of partner  technical -expectations, Regular service reviews, Technical coordination and engagement. The SDM directorate executes client-facing functions and processes principally in conjunction with the Account Executive teams under the Strategy Branch.
Senior Project Manager                                                                                                                             Feb 2018 – June 2018
Employment and Social Development Canada, Ottawa, ON                                     
Concurrent Management of 3 projects (MPS)
[1] 1-800 O Canada         
The estimated value of the project $.00M, (IT/ISM Infrastructure & Real Property)
Overview: The 1-800 O-Canada Procurement project considered evolving the delivery of 1-800 O-Canada and associated Customized Information Services (CIS) from the current service delivery model which contact center agents are provided through a third-party contractor. This is where facilities, technical/telephony infrastructure, and overarching management services are provided by ESDC to a model which: Contact Centre operations including management, facilities, and agent desktop infrastructure are provided by the contractor. Appropriate, secure interfaces are provided between the contractor and required Government of Canada infrastructures, systems, and services (e.g., telephony, network, knowledgebase, business systems, and services) to enable and support the 1 800 O-Canada and CIS services.
[2] North York Flagship    
The estimated value of the project $8M (IT/ISM Infrastructure & Real Property)
[3] Email Suffix              
The estimated value of the project $.M, Number of users: 26000
·         Consulted with IITB Client Relationship Manager (CRM) to determine the appropriate project category.
·         Completed Branch Initiative proposal and presented to SPSM-SP&G division for approval.
·         Presented the proposal to go to PPOC for endorsement.
Senior Project Manager                                                                                                                                Jun 2016 – Feb 2018
Global Affairs Canada,Gatineau, QC 
[1] Microsoft Office 2016 Upgrade User: 16785 (National, International), Project Budget $2 M
[2] Microsoft Windows 10 Upgrade User: 16785 (National, International), Project Budget: $3.5M
Overview: The focus of this project was to prepare the Initial Request Form the implementation of MS Office 2016 on Microsoft Windows 7, and Windows 10 platform for 16567 users across the globe including but not limited to application testing for InfoBank, EDRMS, GCDOCS, SAP, and HRMS. Presented the initiatives to the Executive Directors at GAC including the Assistant Deputy Minister and obtained the necessary approval to proceed with the implementation of the project over two years. ​​​​​​​ This portion of the project was delivered on time and budget to the satisfaction of the client.
[3] EICS & EXOL Export-Import Control System & Export Control On-Line Mission critical computer system support, implementation, and management of the department’s responsibilities under the EIPA Act. Users: 6000, The System processes over 400,000 Applications and $40 B in commerce annually and serves over.
·         Managed the project during the initiation of the project, specifically during the development, implementation, and operations start-up by ensuring that resources were made available and that projects are developed and fully operational within previously agreed time, cost and performance parameters. 
·         Used MS Project to develop and manage the business case, business objectives document, project charter, stakeholder register, project plan schedule, risk register, issue register, change register, scope, project budget, monthly key reports, and project closure reports in compliance of Treasury Board of Canada guidelines. 
[4] PMO/SEO Project Management and Governance Policy
·         Prepared the financial responsibility document for PMO for projects over $.M in compliance with the Treasury Board directives.
Senior Program Manager                                                                                                                            Feb 2016 – May 2016
Gemalto SafeNet INC, Ottawa, ON    
Team size 40, Virtual Project SAAS Management
Overview: Prepared a project management plan for 2 identical production siteswaps with 2 million users each for each site including but not limited to HLD, LLD design for 5 separate areas of infrastructure/Application/Network/Application Monitoring tools/Migration, procurements, synthetic monitoring because of Mergers between Gemalto & SafeNet from inception to completion; including but limited to division/sales of assets & procurements. The production site locations: Rogers Centre Ottawa, London/England.
Project Manager/ Solution Delivery Manager (SAAS Virtual Project)                                                Sept 2015 – Jan 2016
RR Donnelley, Gatineau, QC              
The estimated value of the portfolio $.2M, Team size 40
Clients: Suncor, Sephora, ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization, Loblaw’s, Shoppers Drug Mart, International Court of Justice (Netherlands), and GOC clients such as HRDC, RCMP.
Overview: The objective of this project was create a tailored program for the clients based on their specific requirement, prepare the SLA’s, manage the implementation of the appropriate software licenses, design & delivery of the training programs, and providing ongoing maintenance services.
 Senior Project Manager                                                                                                                               Oct 2012 – Aug 2015
Smith Dun International, Montreal, QC         
Client: IBM/Air Canada
Organization Size: 25,000+, Team Size:  20
Overview: The Air Canada Airports business unit was implementing a new system called iRamp, supplied by Katlyn International for Air Canada personnel at the airport using multiple interfaces - including software web access, card readers and wireless web access.
Senior Project Manager                                                                                                                             Apr 2011 – Aug 2012
Smith Dun International, Edmonton, AB       
Client: Solicitor General and Public Security of Alberta
Organization size: 5600 employee & 12 Agencies, Team Size: Led a team of 50 people, including 10 PMs, 15 Application developers, 10 QA, 5 Operations, 5 Third-party vendors, and 5 Solution delivery managers.
Overview: The objective of this project management plan was to define the approach and the plan to be used by the API3 to deliver the scope of the API3 Solution. The deliverables of this project were a mixture of COTS, ERPS, and mixture of custom Interface Solution which were successfully delivered in an agile environment. This project was delivered on time and a budget to the satisfaction of the client
  Senior Project Manager                                                                                                                                Apr 2006 – Mar 2011    
   Caltrain, Los Angeles, CA    
   Organization size 1000+, Team Size: 40 (Multidisciplinary team of architects, mechanical and civil engineers, urban planners, safety inspectors, legal teams)
Overview: The objective of this project to review the existing situation, to propose an alternative approach, and to sell the idea to the business leaders and affected community residents. Despite strong opposition, a successful solution was proposed and was embraced by the local businesses and residents.

Paralegal Graduate Certificate, Algonquin College                                                                                                             2017
Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Information Technology                                                                                      2017
Prince 2 Foundation Certificate                                                                                                                                             2014
Systems Business Analysis Certificate                                                                                                                                 2014
ITIL Foundation V3 Certificate                                                                                                                                                2013
PMP Certified Project Manager Certificate, PMI                                                                                                                 2008
Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Carleton University

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